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E-SCAPE brings together a unique mix of technology, style and off-road fun in an easily accessible location in Cheshire.


Our electric motorcycles are powered from 100% renewable energy sources so we're keeping things nice and green.


 Our aim is to introduce off-road riding to those who are completely new to the sport but also to provide a great facility for more experienced riders. In both cases, we provide high quality riding tuition for Adults down to 8 years old, so that riders get the most enjoyment out of these next-generation off-road bikes.

To get started, read the 'About' section to understand our process.  You can then book your first package of Training & Riding in our sessions section or if you have questions or need some advice before booking, look at our FAQ, or give us a call.  All sessions must be pre-booked and can be paid in advance online.

For those looking for our E-NDURO Experience based in Dorset, click here for


We look forward to hearing from you.

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Phone: 07908 891481
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