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About e-SCAPE

Since opening in 2014, E-SCAPE has provided a professional and unique electric dirtbike experience for 1000's of Beginners and those with road and off-road Motorcycling experience.

Using the KTM Freeride-E Electric Motorcycles, E-SCAPE is primarily aimed at Adult riders though teenagers from age 14-15 may satisfy the minimum height requirement of 5'-6" and be capable of riding these bikes.  We also have some specially modified OSET 24" bikes for riders of age 10 -13 years who may not meet the minimum height requirement for the KTM's. PLEASE NOTE : We no longer cater for 8-10 year olds due to a recent bike theft.

E-SCAPE has a very easy but effective 3-part format for those visiting us for the first time :

i) Electric Basic : This 40 minute class should get you up and running on the bikes in no time and covers basic off-road skills that you will be using throughout your later sessions on the track.

ii) Super-Charge : This 20-30 Minute Training session takes Adults and more capable riders directly onto our Advanced Circuit and provides more riding technique and highlights the hazards of riding this more technical course.

iii) 20 Min Track Session : Following the Super-Charge Training, you are set to ride the Advanced Circuit in 20 minute sessions.  It's very physical so we advise doing the one session as provided in the 'Experience Session' before committing to more - but of course, if you wish to do more sessions on the same day, you can do !  Younger and less confident riders can then stay on the Beginners Circuit to do more riding directly after the Electric Basic class.

ALL of the above is provided in the Adult Experience Package in our Sessions section of this site.  The Junior Experience Package (10-12 yrs) provides the Basic Training and a 20 Minute ride on the Beginners Circuit.  Additional Advanced Super-Charge Training can be carried out at a later date subject to age and riding ability.

Membership for return visits : Upon completion of our initial package of training and riding, you will be given a Membership Card with unique member ID.  This will allow you to come back to E-SCAPE to hire bikes for use on either circuit.

To book your first Training and Riding session with us, visit our 'Book' section or get in touch via the Contact section.

E-SCAPE look forward to hearing from you.


  • 5 - STAR

  • Brilliant facility with something for all riding abilities. First time on an electric bike and was surprised at how much fun and how quick these things are to ride, they're definitely not a toy! Brilliant instruction to start with then when your confidence grows you can up the power level on the bike for a proper adrenaline buzz! Will definitely be going back for more.

  • P. Whatmough August 2018

  • 5 - STAR

  • An exceptional afternoon with first class instruction. Do not be fooled, these bikes are quick and the course challenging but with the high standard of instruction we were flying round the tracks off the jumps in no time. Honestly worth every penny. 
    I will be going back soon for another adrenaline fix.

  • C - Tommoney July 2018

  • 5-STAR

  • Brilliant fun. Great instructors and the KTM Freerides are amazing! Definitely going again. Had an ace day, thank you all

  • S Halman April 2018

•  5-STAR

• What an absolutely fantastic day, not been on a bike in around 20yrs so was a little nervous when started off but the tuition was fantastic and the rest is history,  The bikes have definitely made me realise I’m 37 now aching like mad.
Will definitely be returning can’t wait.

• D Hall - June 2018

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